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  • Guidelines

    CAMPGROUND RESTRICTIONS: All campers must be BACKED onto the campsite gravel pad, except for pull-thru sites. If you pull through and hit a water spigot or do any other damage to the campground you will be charged a fee. The tongue of the camper must be facing the road. PLEASE park on the gravel pad only.

  • Sewer hoses must be up off the ground for seasonal & monthly campers. If you do not have a rack, a piece of plastic gutter works nicely. Satellite dishes need to be kept neatly and securely on stands. Keep wires neatly together so we may weed whip and mow.

    No permanent landscaping is permitted. This includes placing rocks around trees or any planting of any kind. No cutting of any trees or existing landscape. Flowerpots or hanging baskets on shepherd hooks are permitted.

    No out buildings, or other permanent structures are permitted. If you are in doubt, please inquire at the office. If you have lawn furniture, put it up when not in use so we may mow the campsite.

    GUESTS: Guests are permitted. Please do not abuse the privilege by having 30 of your closest friends over, or giving out the gate information. Guests must depart no later than 10:00pm. Quiet time is 10:00pm - 9:00am. Children must be supervised at all times.

    VEHICLES: Two vehicles per campsite maximum. Additional parking for visitors is at the entrance of the park. Additional parking for your extra vehicles is in guest parking.  ABSOLUTELY no parking in the roadway or on the grass. PLEASE STAY ON THE GRAVEL.

    PETS: All pets must be supervised 24/7. All pets must be current with their immunizations. Please have your proof of immunizations available at check-in. Keep pets leashed, quiet, and cleaned up after. Do not allow your pet to dig holes or destroy the grounds in any way. If you cannot follow these guidelines DO NOT BRING YOUR PET. You will be asked to leave the grounds without a refund. Pets are not permitted in lake house or cabins except cabin #5 which there is a 20 pound minimum with an additional $15.00 fee per night.

    CAMPFIRES: Campfires are only permitted in fire rings. Do not throw garbage in the fire ring. Fire rings are for burning firewood and paper only. Do not modify fire rings (no rocks).

    FIREWOOD: The cutting of trees or shrubs for any reason is PROHIBITED. Firewood must be kept stacked neatly and off of the ground. Please keep the bark raked up.

    QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 10:00pm - 9:00am. Music should be off. Voices should be kept low. Respect your neighbors.

    CHILDREN: Children must be supervised at all times.

    FIREWORKS: Fireworks are forbidden in any form. THIS INCLUDES SPARKLERS.

    PICNIC TABLES: If you move a picnic table from one campsite to another, make sure it is back on its original campsite before you depart.

    DUMPING: There is no dumping of gray water on campsites. The dump station is located on the west side of the park.

    AIR CONDITIONERS: There is no additional fee for air conditioners in campers. However, you must use a 30-amp extension cord plugged directly into the 30-amp receptacle with NO adapters. No Exceptions! Air conditioners brought into the cabins or lake house will be subject to an additional daily fee. Please phone for current rates.

    WASHING RV's: The washing of RVs is prohibited.

    TRASH: Campsites must be kept clean of garbage. This includes, but not limited to, water bottles, cans, and paper debris. Keep our campground clean! Trash is to be placed in plastic garbage bags and placed in the dumpster. The dumpster is located behind office.  

    MUSIC: Keep your music in your campsite or cabin, or use headphones. Do not force your choice of music on others.

    WATER CRAFT: All water craft must be registered at the office upon arrival. Slip space is on a first come first served basis.

    ORV's: ONLY to be ridden in and out of campground. Must stay on the gravel drive and obey the 5 MPH speed limits. No spinning the wheels in Campground or on road leading to trails.

    RATES: All rates are subject to change without notice. This property is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of valuables of any kind. Cabins and Lake House are subject to a security deposits. We reserve the right to evict anyone from the premises for disturbing the peace, other campers, or violating the rules.